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How does your MTM (made-to-measure) tailoring program work?Updated 3 years ago

We are excited to offer MTM (made-to-measure) and MTO (made-to-order) tailoring, made for us in Tuscany by Sartoria Carrara and based on patterns and models that we developed exclusively for No Man Walks Alone.

The way the MTM program works is based on try-on jackets and trousers that we keep in our New York showroom.

We modify the fit across a variety of criteria, including factors like posture or lower/dropped shoulder, trousers front/back balance, etc.... and submit the order to Sartoria Carrara.

We have pre-selected many fabrics across our favorite mills and have priced them out into groups from 1 to 5.  For example an MTM jacket starts at $1,320, and an MTM suit starts at $1,670.

This is not a bespoke process and we do not offer intermediary fittings.   We rely on the MTM model and blocks that we have designed for our in-house line, and there are many customization options available. 

Process takes typically 8 weeks or so from order to delivery. We take a 50% deposit on order and the balance on delivery.

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