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I bought something x days ago and the price is now marked down. Do you provide sale price adjustments?Updated 2 years ago

We very much value the support provided by customers who place orders at regular price, as this is essential to the survival of the business. It is also the nature of the retail business to mark down unsold items to make room and fund the next season. That said, we understand the frustration of seeing an item marked down right after a purchase.

If a product is purchased at regular price, is still available in the size purchased and is marked down within 10 days of that purchase, we will offer a price adjustment upon request. The price adjustment is processed as store credit for the amount of the price difference.  Please note that the size has to be available online in order to receive the credit.

We do NOT offer sale price adjustments on any item included in a Sample Sale, Private Sale or Clearance Sale.

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